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62 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

Mon-Thurs:11:40 am-8:30pm   

Fri-Sun: 10:30am-7:30pm  



Breeze Nail + Spa

Located in East Village New York, Breeze Nail & Spa caters to all your beauty needs under one roof. We offer the most affordable yet luxurious and relaxing experience that will have you feeling and looking your absolute best! Our skilled staff and technicians offer the best services in beauty with expertise in nails, pedicures, waxing, massages and skincare under an inviting comfortable atmosphere.


Gel-X extensions have the malleability of a soft gel polish and the length of a press-on or glue-on nail. The extension is made out of gel polish which is applied directly on top of your full natural nail and can be cut and shaped to your preference.

  • Easy Soak Off

  • No Odor

  • No Dust

  • No Sculpting Needed

  • Longer Durability

  • Light Weight

  • Natural Looking

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Are you tired Gel polish?

If yes, then we have Dazzle Dry a non-toxic regular manicure which dries fast and stay 2weeks like Gel.

This color is highly recommended to make your color stay longer by keeping your nail healthy.

Dazzel Dry stays 2 weeks on your hand and 1month in your feet. So, you don't have to come every week for your manicure in this Covid-19 Situation.



We do shellac, OPI perfect match and Gelish with many color options. We don't do SNS or any powder gel. You can add design on your gel nail color with some extra charge.

There are also many sample available for designs and you can bring picture for your design. We charge extra depending on the details and works of design.



This is tip extension is known as Canoe tips with gel polish. It is imported from Korea. These tips are thin, deep C-Curve and elastic in nature but stays long and strong. We use base coat instead of glue to put on this tip. So, it is safe and healthy tips.

Shapes are very sophisticated and suitable for any kind of nail structures. Available different shapes and length.



At Breeze Nail & Spa, we offer customized skin care services, including facials, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion, to improve the overall health and appearance of your skin. Our trained estheticians use high-quality products and techniques to gently cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin. We also prioritize the safety and cleanliness of our equipment and tools. Come visit us for a rejuvenating and relaxing skin care treatment.



A truly lavish pedicure. It begins with a relaxing soak in scented water. Next is an exfoliation using natural sea salts, mud pack and aromatherapy oil. A relaxing foot and calf massage is followed by a paraffin treatment to hydrate and stimulate circulation. It leave your feet silky and smooth.



Our sublime staff are educated in the deep arts of body relaxing, combining luxurious treatment with clinical results. Experience the transcendental difference of emotionally uplifting energies fused with a physically effective knowledge of the human body to deliver an unforgettable retreat from daily aches and pains.

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Waxing can be a less than pleasant experience or a gentle experience that can only be provided by our wax specialist at breeze nail.


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